Testing and Diagnosis

In this section, learn about the tests that are used to diagnose individuals suspected to have Fabry disease.

Diagnosis of Fabry disease is often delayed and patients usually visit several medical specialists before a correct diagnosis is made.1 Recent data suggests that the overall diagnostic delay for patients with Fabry disease is around 15 years.1

Fabry disease diagnosis in males and females from the global Fabry Registry

Adapted from: Wilox WR et al. Mol Genet Metab 2008; 93:112-28. 
† Years patients experience symptoms before diagnosis of Fabry disease

Prompt diagnosis of Fabry disease is important as specific treatment is available. The greatest benefit of treatment may be seen when initiated early, before irreversible damage occurs.2

In patients with suspected Fabry disease, biochemical and/or genetic testing is required to confirm diagnosis.1


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